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How to use the Online Alarm Clock

Using the “Online Alarm Clock” is simple and intuitive. Choose the appropriate hours and minutes for your alarm in the field below the clock, and click on “Set”. The chosen setting will be shown below, and your alarm will be automatically activated at the indicated time. To stop it, just click on “Stop”.

The alarm clock works with minimized apps, inactive tabs and with the phone in sleep mode. The elapsed time will not be interrupted when you turn off your device screen or when you minimize your browser.

It is recommended to be CAREFUL with the use of the online alarm clock for important dates and appointments with the phone in sleep mode, as the application may occasionally fail. Your browser page may also refresh automatically, which will result in the loss of any alarm settings.

To customize your experience, you can choose the light mode or the dark mode. Initially, the application will be configured to look the same as your system, but this can be easily changed by clicking on the “Light” and “Dark” buttons above.